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Steve Brown is the owner and creative director of Sepia Productions.

Steve is a professional photographer, cinema-photographer, husband, father, and pastor. 

He is the founder of the award winning Sepia Productions Inc.

What was once a "well paying hobby" over 35 years ago, Sepia eventually turned into a business that has helped many small and large companies with affordable marketing pieces that resulted in achieved marketing goals and international exposure.

To date, Sepia has produced cinematic, marketing, promotional, commercial, fundraising, corporate event, high-end real estate, investigative, and undercover projects for over 120 clients/agencies ranging from start-up to Global Fortune 500 companies.

Whether shooting harnessed outside of a helicopter or shooting inside of an out of control wildfire inferno (or anything in between), Steve is committed to "getting the shot", separating him/Sepia Productions Inc. from the competition.

Clients often say that Sepia Productions has the ability to pull on the "heartstrings" of those who view their finished production, resulting in the desired response of the potential viewer/customer.

When asked the secret of Sepia Productions success, Steve responded with "My desire/ability to surround myself with people that are more skilled than myself in all aspects of production."

On set, you will witness creative fun in action, along with Steve's passion of managing a team, which ultimately results in an enjoyable work environment for those around him.

When not preaching, producing, or photographing, Steve enjoys his family, dirt-bike riding, and long drives down Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down and a Labrador Retriever in the front seat.


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